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(CHURCH is Open and online)

Our Regular Service is Sunday at 9:30am CT followed by Fellowship and Bible Study. 
THE COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic, continues but we are now
OPEN at Church (Communion together) and also continuing
ONLINE meeting Separate but Together (with Communion)
on FaceBook Live (music muted) and on ZOOM.
See the links on our Home TAB. 
If you have any questions about the service and/or sermon, come and discuss during Bible Study. 
Questions from be typed in the FaceBook Comment or ZOOM Chat areas.
ZOOM allows us to see the signers for your questions
but please follow all the Microphone MUTE/UNMUTE directions.
We discussed extensively the reasons by God's Almighty Presence and Love
succeed to provide Jesus' Real Presence in the Lord's Supper, 
Jesus' true Body and Blood under the Bread and Wine
in individual homes with members that our Congregation and Pastor have allowed.
You can find these discussions in our FaceBook Bible Study Videos
on our Church's FaceBook page.  If you have any questions,
please write/email the Pastor.

Yes, Jesus commands Communion.  Why? Communion is God's pure grace, Jesus Himself, coming to us, His true, real Body and Blood with the Bread and Wine AND He knows we need that!  His command guides our faith to often come and receive the Lord's Supper!

Communion is God's grace, Jesus' Cross coming to us.  True faith wants to obey this command and all the commands  of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  In this gift, He meets us here and we receive Him!  Communion is normally celebrated every Sunday, however, during the Covid-19 Coronavirus emergency, we will continue to receive the Lord's Supper in our homes while we only have Church online.

If you visit us OR you want to join with us Separate but Together for the Lord's Supper, please see the  Pastor  before you Commune here OR contact him by email.  The Pastor called to administer the Lord's Supper and the Congregation and the Pastor needs to give permission for you prior to communing with us even remotely.

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Sunday School

Knowing God's Word is important.  Paul said in Phil.3:8 -- Indeed, I count  everything as loss because of the 

surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. 


God's faith gift wants to learn more and more about

all God says in the Bible.

We provide Sunday School classes for all ages,

Deaf and Hearing.  Confirmation and adult classes are available for people to learn to know Jesus as a member of the Church.  Bible Study happens on most Sundays following worship so adults continue growing  in their knowledge of Christ!

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