Understand that JEHOVAH is actually not a Bible  Name for God!

 How did that name happen to be in the Bible?

  Look at the graphics here and study each one separately

They will answer that question.

Explained in words below:          

  • So understand that old Hebrew did not have vowels (a,e,i,o,u).

  • Jewish people feared they would forget the vowels (a,e,i,o,u).

  • Jewish scribes (Bible writers) added vowels to their language (a,e,i,o,u)... The  Jewish scribes added dots and symbols around the regular Hebrew consonants (Hebrew letters: b, c, d, etc.)

  • Jewish scribes did not put vowels around YHWH (God's proper name means "I am").  Why?  No vowels reminded them not to speak YHWH but substitute, speak a different Hebrew name for God.  They thought that if they did not say God's proper name (YHWH), they could not sin against the 2nd Commandment!  

  • But what word to substitute?  The Jewish scribes put ADONAI's vowels around YHWH to remind them to say ADONAI instead.

  • Put ADONAI's vowels around YHWH (YAHOWAH ) and the name Jehovah is born!  

  • Understand that the Jehovah Witness group says that Jehovah is the only name for God!  But really Jehovah is not a name that is actually found in the Bible!

  • Watch the pictures above as they show you the way Jehovah happened