Greek and Hebrew people
Think and Explain things differently...

Notice as the Hebrew Person observes the world from

different views he could see politicial situations happening

or things happening personally to someone or things happening

in the Church or religious area. 

Hebrew Thinker

Greek Thinker

Under the

Bulletin and Bible Study Tab: See the

History Cycles Graphic Page 

and the

Revelation Study Outline Page

Revelations contains different views through time

6 views from the Cross to the End

and one from Creation to the End.

The three Earthly views

from the Cross to the End, all end with a similar verse saying:

"...thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightening, and an earthquake."  

There are three Heavenly views

2 happening from the Cross to the End and

1 from Creation to the End. 

One is the Heavenly Throne Room view

and a

view of how God sees the Church and problems in the Churches.