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About us and what we believe

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We are a deaf congregation of the Lutheran faith in beautiful St. Louis MO. Located just across Forest Park, we provide the deaf and hard of hearing with quality Church Service. Hearing? No Problem! The Church is fully accessible to both deaf and hearing church attendees. Enjoy the Service spoken in both American Sign Language by the Pastor, and clear, precise English by the selected Lay reader. 

The pastor has over 40 years in the Deaf congregation and continues to provide quality clear and precise sermons every Sunday for all persons. Question? You are invited to come to Bible Study after fellowship following regular Church Service. 

We are happy to announce we have a new home in Concordia Lutheran Church in Maplewood, MO. We hope to bring both Hearing and Deaf together to learn and study God's Word and Jesus's saving work to all people. Come see us as church opens at 8:30am every Sunday. 

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