Welcome, and thank you for visiting Holy Cross Lutheran Church for the Deaf. We hope that our  Website highlights the wide variety  of  Worship,  fellowship and  service opportunities available. Please feel free to read more about our church on this site, or come in for a visit. We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus  Christ and for you, our neighbor.


During the Covid-19

Coronavirus EMERGENCY, our Services are only


and not in our

Church area

(the Fellowship 

area of Concordia

Lutheran in Maplewood Mo., in the basement)

Each Sunday we will do live on FaceBook

at 9:30 am! 

For now there will be

NO Lord's Supper.

Our Bulletin:

April 5th

(April 5th Large Print)

    Our weekly


Live on FaceBook 

  NOTE: YouTube will not allow us to

Live Stream unless we have 1000 people to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Please ask your FaceBook friends to subscribe to my YouTube channel


PayPal Button here will change a fee.

PayPal charges a FEE if you use this button. NOTE: Family/Friends can transfer funds with no fee but you need to set that up as a Family/Friends transfer. Use this email: 


The best way is to use Zelle if available!  

     Zelle is a FREE service to  make a Donation!

                   Zelle transfers funds for your donation straight from your Bank account

       account and Deposits it into the Church's Region's Bank account by using the

       email address holycrossdeaf@aol.com OR revrmoody@aol.com and choose

      Business Account  You need no account numbers!  Very  secure  The Deposit line

       in the Church account and our Email from the Bank will show your name (the

       Person making the Donation) and that allows the Tellers to enter your Offering

       onto your Offering Report.  

  1st, open your Bank App online; 

  2nd, look under the "Payments" or "Transfer funds" tab in your Bank App;

  3rd, if you see Zelle, follow directions to transfer funds. 

       Zelle is a FREE service!   If you don't see Zelle, click this Purple box for more

       information, help and to search for your Bank. Again, Zelle uses email addresses

       to find the account.  Holy Cross Deaf's email:  holycrossdeaf@aol.com or 

       revrmoody@aol.com and choose Business Account.

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so we have a backup and,

if we have problems with FaceBook,

we can continue to stream our services!

WE now use Live on FaceBook for our Services.

On your phone, open the FaceBook APP

and you search for

 Holy Cross Lutheran Deaf,

St. Louis, Missouri

click Holy Cross Deaf search result. 

Friend our page so you can easily find our page the next time.

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To Electronically send a Donation
You can use either
Zelle (in purple is Free)
PayPal (in blue has a fee
except if you choose

Members support our regular ministry. 

Non-member donations will support Missionaries and Mission projects. 

We live in the most, God Blessed country on earth! Our Government has moved to help and make sure jobs continue. Evil will loose and God will have the victory! Hope in Christ always springs eternal!  

With all the help God is providing, please remember your part, your gifts that support God's work, His hands all over the world!  

NOTE: Your Bank might also have
      a Bill Pay Service.  You can set up
      a Payee:
           Holy Cross Lutheran Deaf
           90 W. Lakewood Dr.
           Fenton, MO  63026
and give weekly or open your Banks online App and give when you want.  Banks pay the postage!

           We Recommend Zelle...   

Check your Bank's availablity! 

Members also mail Offering or write their Offering checks and plan on bringing them when this COVID-19 emergency if over and we can have Church together!

Please report your Offering by email to revrmoody@aol.com so we can update our Stewardship report each week even if you are holding Checks at home, planning to bring them later.  Thanks!

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